Samantha Evans

Pro Staff Coordinator (North Carolina)

I am 25 years old and I grew up in Greensboro NC with my Mom and dad and four sisters. My dad worked very hard as a mechanic all of our life and never had time for his own hobbies. It wasnt until I met my now husband Jeremy in 2006 that i knew anything about hunting or fishing. I would always see him in his camo over at a friends house with deer or turkey on his truck or pictures of 80-90 pound catfish that they had caught the weekend before. When we started dating in 2008 I became very interested in hunting and fishing. I killed my first doe in 2008 and my first turkey the following spring, I was hooked!

In 2010 I had a bautiful Gift from God a little girl named Autumn who we love to take hunting with us. In 2013 I won the NC best by female with a gun non-typical buck award at the dixie deer classic. Gross scored by buckmasters at 158 5/8. When I’m not chasing whitetail in the fall and gobblers in the spring, you can find me spending time with my family on our boat catching big catfish, crappie, or bass. Im very blessed to have a wonderful supportive family and thank God each day for letting me harvest such beautiful animals.

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