Adrenaline Team

Steve Schicker

Co-Host & Company President

I grew up in a household where hunting was a passion in my father’s heart. At the age of five he started bringing me to a field with him, teaching me everything he knew about woodsmanship, tracking and how to get close to animals for a clean ethical shot. Focusing not on the trophy, but rather the experience (which remains the creed of Forever Wild Outdoors to this day).

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Gerry Rightmyer

TV Show Host & Company Vice President

Gerald Rightmyer is a Professional Hunter. Gerry has hunted 14 States, 5 Canadian Provinces, South Africa, and South America. He has harvested Black Bear, Ground Caribou, 10 different plains game species in Africa, Red stag in Argentina, Varmint, and various upland game birds. Gerald lives in Brockport NY.

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Meet Our Awesome Staff!

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Stephen Byers

Pro Staff / General Manager / Videographer


Steve Doudt

Pro Staff / Videographer


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